Classroom Info and Procedures

Below you will find my class syllabus and policies and procedures document.  These rules and guidelines are designed to provide a successful and interactive learning environment.  Please keep this syllabus in order to refer to it at any time. If you have any questions regarding the expectations outlined, please contact me. Thank you!

Success for every student in my class is my ultimate goal.  In order to achieve that, I will do my best to be a fair, respectful, and consistent teacher that provides meaningful and interactive classroom experiences.  However, it is also the student's responsibility to take control of his/her education and be an active, responsible learner.  Following the rules and procedures of my class are part of this as well as proving his/her knowledge through hard work. 
I believe productive struggle is an important aspect of students' growth as a math student and as an individual.  I expect students to develop perseverance to push through difficult concepts and problems.  With this, I do not want students to be afraid to take on advanced tasks.  Instead, I encourage that they tackle these tasks and concepts.  Failure cannot be a fear when it comes to these times of struggle.  When I give a difficult task, the only way complete failure can happen is by not trying.  I want to see what students are capable of when they may not think they have the tools to complete it (and I hope they want to see too).  Asking questions promotes active problem solving skills and discussing with other students allows for collaborative thinking.  These are also skills that are highly focused on and they reap excellent benefits for students in all subject areas and in life.

In order to be successful and to benefit from these times of challenging tasks, students must be present as much as possible.  There are many pieces of information and useful discoveries that happen during class that benefit the learning process.  When students are not present they miss out on these opportunities and it often causes learning gaps later on.  However, if students are going to be absent, I ask that they ask me before or after school what assignments will be missed before they leave.  I will not stop class instruction to give one student an assignment and it is the student's responsibility to find out any specific verbal instructions given on assignments.  The log of assigned work is posted in my room (where they can find past weeks' assignments) and each week's assignments are posted here under the "Assignments" tab.  School policy is followed for absent work, but after the allotted time work will be considered late. The late work grading policy can be found in the syllabus above.

Thank you for your understanding on these topics and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or call me.  


Pueblo County School District 70 does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, genetic information, or handicap (disability) in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in its education programs or activities. Inquiries about ADA, Section 504, Title VI, and Title IX may be addressed to the Superintendent of Schools, 301 28th Lane, Pueblo, Colorado 81001. 719-542-0220.